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Job Opening For Specially abled people. Please upload your CVs here.
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Job Openings

mihsan Foundation requires specially abled people for the following posts:-

Mihsan Foundation Offers

Varied Protfolio Services

Mihsan Foundation offers specially abled people for varied protfolio services for the following:-

  1. Data Entry.
  2. Individual Projects.
  3. NGO to NGO Support.
  4. Special Education.
  5. Employment Oppurtunity.
  6. Government Services.
  7. Vocational Training.
  8. Job Fairs.
  9. Career Progression.
  10. Personality Development.

Mihsan Foundation Mission

Our Foundation Mission

Mihsan Foundation Mission are as follows below:-

  • To build an IT park that runs by disabled people.
  • For now we would be happy if the local media could have a classifieds section for them for disabilty employment.
  • Time to time offer opportunities to materialise their different skills.
  • Guide and train to them through speciallised trainings.
  • To make them a part of their support system.

Our Activities

Our Other Activities

Mihsan Foundation for specially abled people other activities are following below:-

  • SPSS class by "Dr Sanjay Rode" sir.
  • Introduction on digital marketing.
  • Personality development by "Pooja Balot" to specially abled people who are having speech and hearing impairments.
  • We are doing hr calling for continuum company. Total 5 to 7people are engaged in calling.
  • Computer training is done "Raga Swamy" for special abled and abled.
  • Some of special abled people are doing Web Designing for our company.
  • Some members are also engaged in content and thesis.
  • We are also doing lead generation for various products and companies.
  • And also we would like to know who all are interested in handicrafts.

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